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Jogja trip travel with mr. Yono to jomblang Cave. Goa Jomblang is a vertical cave type collapse doline. This cave was formed as a result of natural processes, namely the collapse of the land along with all the underlying plants on it to the bottom of the earth that occurred thousands of years ago. This collapse formed a well often local people call Luweng. What makes Jomblang Cave unique in addition to having a cave mouth area of ​​about 50 meters is also the plants at the base of the Cave and the shape of the passageway. This cave has a vertical cave mouth with the distance between the lips of the cave with its base varies. At most around 80 m. Gua Jomblang is located in Gunungkidul Regency. 10 km away from Wonosari city. Goa Jomblang is famous for its uniqueness and beauty until the shooting of the Amazing Race American film in 2011 was made here.

Open trip adventure if you want to see the famous paradise light in Goa Jomblang, you have to pass through a mud-filled cave during the rainy season. In the room called "Chamber", there is a 300 meter dark alley that connects to Grubug Cave. That's when you will see the light of heaven at the end of this hallway. To see the light of heaven, you must come at the right time. Because if it is too late in the day the light rays will no longer form pillars and have spread. 
More amazing to find a greener forest at the bottom of a cave that looks very fertile, there are various mosses, ferns and shrubs and large trees also grow quite dense. The forest at the foot of Jomblang Cave is a form of ancient forest. Because the process of land collapse under the plants that live here continues to live and multiply because they are still exposed to sunlight.

Before noon make sure you are in Jomblang cave and anyone who wants to go down and enter Jomblang Cave must use special equipment that complies with safety standards and must be accompanied by experienced instructors. For those who are not used to it, the road used to reach the bottom of the cave will be very tiring.

Lots of stories and tragedy before about this cave, and it might make you scared, but when you enter the cave all the disturbing feelings before will disappear because of the beauty of Jomblang Cave.

A challenge when you take a trip to Goa Jomblang why ?,  because those of you who have a fear of heights are advised not to take this tour. The age limit for being able to descend into the cave is actually not there, but most of the tourists under the age of 40 who dared to go down to the bottom of this cave. For those who do not dare to go down can only see the beauty and natural phenomena of Jombang Cave is enough from above only. 

Never be afraid To enter Jomblang Cave using hydraulic winches to get down with equipment and ropes that are standard and are the rock climbing professionals who operate them.

Going to Jomblang Cave can hire a tour guide or jogja tour driver who will take you around Jogyakarta to take part in a selection of tour packages offered or choose several places with a price agreement that is not listed on the package.

What is think to do in Jomblang Cave Yogyakarta ?

1. Caving

Caving activities for those of you who have complete equipment can be done of course for those who like rock climbing. The path that is often used for professional caving is through Grubuk Cave with a height of 90 meters. Arriving at the bottom you have to walk through the cave passage about 300 meters to be able to see the light of heaven that I said above.

2. Rapelling

Usually before caving begins there will also be an SRT crash course. But if there are a lot of visitors or all of them are laymen in the world of caving, hauling techniques will be used. You just sit pretty in your harnest sit, and people will pull you up from above.

Believe me, even though it looks scary, but the activity of hanging on a rope at a height of tens of meters from the ground surface will be an unforgettable experience. As long as you use complete equipment and according to safety standards, then you don't need to worry. Even when riding you must use the single rope technique (SRT). If it's your first time using ropes and caving equipment, you don't need to worry because the instructor will teach you how to use it.

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3. Photos

With the help of camera lighting you will get good images. The number of plants at the bottom of Jomblang Cave is a picture that you must photograph. You can also do a video capture so that the activities when you are adventuring at the base of Singo Cave can be told in the form of video or video flog. Well at the bottom of the cave you should know that all plants are a kind of average ancient forest so it is worthy of your photos and a memorable and memorable experience. 

How to get to the location of Jomblang Cave ?

Located in Gunung Kidul Regency in Semanu District and in the Pacarejo village of Padukuhan Jetiswetan, Jomblang Cave location. If you are from the city of Yogyakarta it takes a 1.5 hour journey by following the Jogyakarta route to Jl. Wonosari - Piyungan - Patuk - Wonosari - Semanu - Pacarejo. From the asphalt road you have to continue the journey through the macadam road in the middle of past residents' fields. If you have found a resort in the middle of a field, that means you have arrived at Jomblang Cave. 

How much ticket prices Goa Jomblang ?

Actually there is no special ticket that you have to pay when you want to caving in Jomblang. If you have your own equipment, you can enter this cave without paying for a ticket. All you have to do is permit the Head of Hamlet (Mr. Brewok). But if you use the services of an operator, then you are obliged to pay for the services of a guide and equipment. Each operator has its own tariff, which ranges from Rp. 450,000 - Rp. 1,000,000 per person depending on the facilities you get. 

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When is the right time to cave in Jomblang ?

To get the perfect light of heaven, you have to start going down to Jomblang Cave in the morning around 09.00 WIB. Ray of light will appear around 10:00 to 12:00 WIB. The afternoon the light will spread more and more scattered shape. This light appears every day as long as the weather is sunny and the sun is not covered by cloudy clouds. For security reasons, make sure you leave Jomblang before 16.00 WIB.

The right time is in the summer because in the rainy season the floor of the cave will be full of mud and very difficult for you to walk. Besides being slippery can make you slip. Please note that even though it is not raining in the afternoon, at the bottom of Jomblang Cave, the atmosphere is humid like drizzle. Because ground water continues to drip from the roof of the cave. Activities down to Goa Jomblang is risky especially as the cave is in the form of going down and vertical. Follow all the instructions instructed by the instructor so that everything runs smoothly and safely. All of these activities are carried out and operated by professionals in the field of rock climbing. 

Video Goa Jomblang

So hopefully with me, you get an impressive trip especially when visiting Goa Jomblang. See you in Goa Jomblang and my other destination Trip Driver to visit tourism spot in Yogyakarta. 

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