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Cave Boating Goa Tanding
Welcome in my Jogja trip travel to Cave Boating Goa Tanding in Wonosari village of Bejiharjo. Adventure tour by going along the river under a very unique cave formed by natural processes in Jogyakarta. 

Goa Tanding is tourism object in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta area, which was just inaugurated in early 2016, is a place that is almost similar to the tourist attractions of Goa Pindul, which also has its own uniqueness. The underground view of the cave offered by the Tanding Cave is no less beautiful, compared to Pindul Gunungkidul Cave which is already known among tourists. Tanding cave tourism location is still in one area and one river flow, maybe the existence of this tour is a real form so that it can be a comparison attraction of the beauty of Pindul cave, see from its name namely the basic word "Tanding" in Indonesian which means (Competing - race). The difference in the Goa Tanding underground river has a longer cave passage and a bigger cave room so that it can be enjoyed more by taking pictures or walking along the half day. 

Address Location Tanding Cave Jogyakarta : Gelaran II, RT4, Seropan, Bejiharjo, Kec. Karangmojo, Kabupaten Gunung Kidul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55891.

Goa Tanding Yogyakarta is an alternative when visiting Gunungkidul tourism, as you know, the Pindul Cave tour during the holiday season is very crowded by visitors who come from various regions. Maybe that could be a strong reason, the manager opened and developed this Gunungkidul tourist site as another option, so that it could anticipate many visitors from Pindul cave. Moreover, the beauty offered there is no less beautiful than Pindul Cave.

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Cave Boating Goa Tanding

he history of the Goa Tanding in Wonosari was discovered initially by a man named Harto Tanding in Bejiharjo Village who wanted to make well water, but because he kept digging wells but did not get any water out then the intention of Pak Harto wanted to dig deeper wells when the crowbar digging the well penetrates until the cavity is in the bowels of the earth. Accidentally cave was found by Mbah Harto Tanding with his family. Initially the cave did not have access in and out, except through the well of Pak Harto. Because the condition of the cave in the ground has a larger area than the long-famous Pindul Cave, that's why the cave was named Goa Tanding. Now the match name was taken from Pak Harto Tanding who was credited with finding the Gunungkidul tourist attraction. Previously in this cave was very dark and had minimal air circulation, all the problems had been resolved after a hole was made as a place for air changes.

When we walk along the underground river in the Goa Tanding Bejiharjo, visitors will see rows of exotic stalactites and stalagmites hanging from the roof of the cave. Even the existence of stalactites and stalagmites turned out to be still active, you can prove that by highlighting the flashlight in the direction of stalactites and stalagmites, then witness the beauty of crystal flickers. The width of the cave is 4 to 8 meters, the height of the cave reaches 4 to 11 meters and the length of the cave reaches 450 meters. I can't imagine how wide the Tanding cave is in Gunungkidul. The inflatable boat has a capacity of six people that will bring tourists to enjoy the beauty of the cave for approximately one and a half hours.

It's just that this type of Goa Tanding Gunung kidul is a dead-end cave type that has no deadline, therefore traffic in and out of the cave tour uses the same door. Now that is an obstacle in the queue sector more and more visitors because waiting quite a long turn, especially when weekends and holiday seasons, there are very many visitors there. Thus, in order to overcome this problem, the tour manager released a rubber boat based on a group consisting of 2 to 3 boats per trip. 

Lokasi Goa Tanding Jogja

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As explained above, if the tourist location is close to the location of Pindul Cave, so for friends who have traveled to Pindul Cave, they will not feel any difficulty finding the location of the tourist attraction. The detailed address is in Pedukuhan Gelaran II, Bejiharjo Village, Karangmojo District, Gunungkidul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55891. Have you ever heard of the mountain tourism picture? . Distance Image mountain to tourist sites about 21 kilometers or travel time of 40 minutes, following a navigation map that might help the park when finding tourist sites.

When you depart from the city of Yogyakarta, the road conditions there are quite good and smooth. Via the Wonosari-Jogja road, follow the provincial route until you reach the Siyono roundabout through the Bukit Bintang. If you find it difficult to find tourist sites, then you can ask residents around. Yogyakarta residents are known for upholding manners like its philosophy that Jogja has a comfortable heart.

Goa Tanding Ticket Prices

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In order to enjoy the beauty of this cave tour in Gunungkidul, each visitor is required to spend quite a large amount of around Rp. 250,000. The price of this Gunungkidul tour package is more expensive than entering the Pindul cave, it's just that visitors are made no regret when witnessing the beauty of the karst cave walls that sparkle exotic golden. Oh, yes, the tour package includes the use of a rubber boat, tour guide, snacks, safety pack and a gazebo resting place.

That's the article about Tanding Cave, Location and Price of Entrance Tickets Gunungkidul Cave, hopefully useful for reviewing tourist destinations when in Gunungkidul. If you have time, please visit other articles on site about my travel reviews, culinary tours and lodging lists in various regions.
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