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Puncak Becici Yogyakarta
Jogja tour driver to the top of Becici is a new mountain resort where I will take you to see the natural scenery from a height. As a new tourist attraction becici peak is a tourist destination in Yogyakarta that is no less popular apart from historical tourism and temples. My Yono jogja tour guide who is also a Yogyakarta tour driver will take you to this place.

Becici peak is one of the tourist attractions in the city of Yogyakarta with a very beautiful view and is able to attract tourists to visit Yogyakarta. So it's no longer surprising if domestic tourists and foreign tourists are very interested in visiting and enjoying a vacation to the city of Yogyakara, which is known as a tourist, cultural, historical and educational. One of the tours in Jogyakarta is the beach that you can find in Gunung Kidul, besides its beautiful beaches, Jogja also has a Pine Forest tour that is no less popular than other tours in Jogja. The tour which is located in Imogiri, Bantul, which is Puncak Becici, does indeed provide its own comfort and satisfaction.


The tourist spot of Becici Peak is located not far from Imogiri pine forest or Mangunan pine forest. Other names for Becici Peak are Sudimoro Forest 1 and Puncak Becici Asri, which is managed by the Mangunan RPH. the natural beauty and speed of the pine trees on Peak of Becici can provide a soothing atmosphere so that you will feel comfortable at Peak Becici. In addition, the community also uses sap from pine trees to make turpentine. although currently it is still a commodity for turpentine production. This pine forest has a dual function in addition to taking sap to make turpentine and is also used as a tourist attraction that has the charm of green pine forests and dense, even the former President of the United States namely Obama also visited Becici Tourism Peak located in Mangunan a few years ago


Jogja trip travel,  Puncak Becici Jogyakarta, Location Puncak Becici YogyakartaJogja tour driver, Jogja tripadvisor
Puncak Becici Yogyakarta


There are many activities at Puncak Becici, especially for tourists visiting Puncak Becici. One of the activities that can be enjoyed by visitors is hammocking and there is a place to play swing. You can lie on a pine tree using a hammock easily and can enjoy the natural scenery contained in shady and dense trees around Peak Becici. But above becici does not provide hammock facilities so you have to bring it from home to feel sleeping in a tree. For those of you who want to use a hammock, we recommend choosing a tree that is safe and large enough to make it easier as a hammock. As we have explained above that at Pinus Peak there are swings provided by the local community to complement facilities at Pinus Peak and can be used free of charge by tourists.

For those of you who like to do camping activities both on their own shows and school events this place is very suitable for you to try because at night you will hear the sound of insects or crickets that you did not hear while in town and that. a natural phenomenon in itself and will always be memorable when at Pine Peak. For those who are afraid of wild animals? Relax, because in the Pine Forest or Becici Peak there are no wild animals so for those of you who are going to camp it is certainly safe and for Camping Equipment there is a rental place so there is no need to bring it from home.

In addition to hammock and camping facilities there are also very interesting facilities that you must visit while at the top of the becici which is a bamboo observation post. Tourists can see the Becici peaks such as Mount Merapi and Merbabu. can see the beautiful city of Yogyakarta from a height at Becici Peak. But for those who want to go to the substation must be careful because this observation post does not have a safety like the rope that is usually used in other tourist attractions.


Jogja trip travel,  Puncak Becici Jogyakarta, Lokasi Puncak Becici, Fasilitas puncak Becici jogyakarta, Jogja tour driver, Jogja tripadvisor
Puncak Becici Jogyakarta

The address to the location of Pinus Peak or Puncak Becici is in Muntuk Village, Dlingo District, Bantul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. for tourists who will visit the Pine Forest can see the Google Map on mobile phones that can facilitate access to Puncak Becici.

In addition to using Google map, you can also take 2 routes leading to Becici Peak, which is good enough for you to access either using a 2-wheeled vehicle or a 4-wheeled vehicle can be started by heading to Giwangan Directions Terminal. For the second route you can pass the road from Jogja City Center Towards Jl. Wonosari and For your next trip you will be given instructions with a board available beside the road.

In addition, you can enjoy the atmosphere of panoramic beauty and feel the strong winds produced from the Pine Trees on the way to the Peak of Becici or the Pine Forest. From along the road you can already see the view of the city of Jogja from the height of the peak and the shady and dense pine forest plus the road that leads to Becici Peak is very good so that it can speed up your journey.

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