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Jogja tour driver mr. Yono to Tebing Breksi tourism park is a natural tourist spot in Jogja. As the name implies, these tourist attractions are hills of breccias. Breccias rock cliffs that have beautiful patterns are the main attraction for tourists.
Before becoming a tourist attraction, the location of the Breksi Cliff Park was previously a place of natural rock mining. This mining activity is carried out by the surrounding community. In the vicinity of the mining location there are places where the mined rocks are cut to be used as building decoration materials.

Since 2014, mining activities in this place have been closed by the government. This closure is based on the results of a study which states that the rocks in the mining location are rocks originating from the volcanic activity of the Ancient Nglanggeran Volcano. Then the mining location is determined as a protected place and is not permitted for mining activities.

After the closure of mining activities, the community decorates the former mining location as a tourist attraction worth visiting. Precisely in May 2015, Breksi Cliff was inaugurated by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X as a new tourist spot in Jogja.

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The presence of the cliff which is also used as one of the locations of these attractions must have certain reasons that make this attraction called one of the interesting tourist places to visit. The reason is that the potential of nature tourism has many things that should not be missed, including the view of the cliff wall with broken ornaments that look so artistic. Because, basically this cliff was formed millions of years ago and used as a mining site. Even though it is no longer used as a mining site, the remnants of the mining activity are able to present sculptural ornaments that make the cliff look like a layer cake.


That is one of its potential, so that this cliff becomes very interesting to visit. Taking pictures with a cliff background, seems to be one of the things that must be done. Therefore, it is not surprising that this cliff is one of the favorite places to take pictures, especially for couples who are doing pre-wedding sessions and other special moments. The most special thing when being on this cliff is, from the top of the cliff the tourists can see the whole city of Jogja, even community activities can be seen from the top of the cliff, such as planes taking off, vehicles back and forth and so forth.
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