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Siung Beach Yogyakarta

Jogja tour pagkage to Siung Beach with mr. Yono will take you to tourist attractions and also history in Jogja, one of which is Siung Beach which is famous for its white and clean sand. Siung Beach is one of the hidden beaches in Jogjakarta located in Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta. The route to the location of the cloves beach is now very easy, many alternatives that can be used to get to the cloves beach such as two-wheeled vehicles or four wheels. I also serve jogja solo tour packag and jogja city tour package with cheap prices, all of which include the cost of the driver who doubles as a tour guide in Yogyakarta.

Nowadays beach tourism is more visited because there are many places to take pictures and there is a lot of beauty on the beach and you can enjoy the atmosphere of very strong winds and are very suitable as a place to enjoy togetherness with family, one of them is one of the beaches in Jogjakarta that can provide satisfaction alone in your vacation is the beach cloves, which until now has been very crowded with visitors from both domestic and foreign tourists. Siung Beach is also famous for its clean tourism and beautiful scenery of tang with white sand and the beach which is located between large rocks and high mountains or cliffs.

You can do various activities ranging from playing sand, sports and also playing football because Siung beach is wide enough for various activities. Siung Beach is not too crowded compared to other beaches such as Parangtritis beach and other beaches so that you will feel calm comfort while on vacation to Siung beach.


Jogja trip travel, Siung Beach Jogyakarta, Siuang beach story, Jogja tour driver, price of siung beach tickets, Jogja tripadvisor
Siung Beach Yogyakarta

Another uniqueness of the famous Siung beach is the big stone. This rock stretches east and west. This rock is the basis of the name Siung on this beach. This huge rock protrudes towards the sea, if you look from a distance it looks more like a monkey's teeth or Siung Wanara. This short story can be obtained from the surrounding community who believe in the history of Siung Beach.

This huge rock also has a very important role for nature lovers such as climbers. In 1989, climbers from Japan used this large rock as a hill for rock climbing. Since the beginning that's what caused climbers to date making the cliffs at Siung Beach a favorite location of rock climbing. So the Yogyakarta government began to develop this potential as one of nature lovers' activities at Siung Beach.

Along the road to Siung beach you will be treated to views of limestone hills overgrown with trees so that on the side of the road to Siung beach. You will feel the challenge to go to Siung beach because of the winding roads, but the tiring journey will pay off with the charm of beauty that will be provided by the Siung beach tourism area with white sand and strong sound waves.

Rapid progress has made Siung beach a place for the Asean Climbing Gathering climbing competition which was attended by 2 Continents, namely Europe and Asia with 250 participants. International climbers even call Siung Beach the Best Rock Climbing Site in Yogyakarta and until now Siung Beach has around 250 rock climbing trails with varying degrees of difficulty.

Before famous for its best rock climbing is a beach that is dirty and unknown to people, the difficulty to get to this beach at the time made tourists lazy to come to Siung beach. But since then it was known as a rock climbing area in 2000, so little by little many people came to visit because they wanted to see Siung Beach and the best rock climbing. There is a lot you can do when on a cliff hill one of which is to take a background image of a beautiful natural landscape, in addition to taking pictures you can also see the beauty of the open sea directly on the hill. In the east it is often used as a camping ground for pedestrians or other tourists visiting Siung beach.


Jogja trip travel, Siung Beach Jogyakarta, Siuang beach story, Price of siung Beach Ticket, Jogja tour driver, Jogja tripadvisor
Siung Beach Yogyakarta
Because Siung beach is far away and not many people know about its location, the facilities at Siung beach are also very minimal, only a large parking area, toilets and stalls. Hotel accommodation is not available, but if you want to spend the night at Siung Beach, you can use a climbing hut that looks like a house on stilts with a capacity of about 20 people. But if you want to spend the night and want to enjoy the real natural atmosphere, you can bring your own camping gear from home that you can use around the cliff.

For the price of an entrance ticket to Siung beach you only pay Rp. 3,000 and to park a two-wheeled vehicle you only need to pay Rp. 2,000, while for a four-wheeled vehicle you have to pay Rp. 5,000. According to the local community, this price can change at any time depending on the policies of management and local government.

Siung beach map

Location to siung beach

The location of this Siung beach is precisely in Purwodadi Village, Tepus District, Gunung Kidul Regency. The route to Siung Beach is quite easy to access. You have to use a private vehicle because in the Siung Beach area and its surroundings there is no public transportation. The current road conditions are very good and paved, but there are still a few bends and climbs that you must pass. The condition of the car must be in good condition and before leaving must be checked because the road to this beach passes through the limestone hills and palawija lading.


If you are from the city of Yogyakarta, you can use the coastline of Yogyakarta-Wonosari-Tepus-Purwodadi-Siung. However, if you use public transportation, you can use a bus from the Yogyakarta Giwangan Terminal by using the Jogja-Wonosari majors bus. Arriving at the Wonosari terminal, you can use public transportation in the direction of Wonosari-Tepus. After arriving at the Tepus terminal, you can use a motorcycle taxi service, because that's the only public transportation that can be used up to Siung Beach.

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That is the jogja trip travel  with me, Pak Yono. Hopefully you can give your own satisfaction on your trip in Siung Beach, Yogyakarta and many more tourist attractions packages that I will show in Yogyakarta. Get the best deals on Jogja tour package prices

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