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Prambanan Temple Jogyakarta

Jogja Tour travel with mr. Yono to Prambanan Temple of course you have often heard about the Special City of Yogyakarta or Jogja which is known as the place of education in Indonesia, but not only as an educational city but Jogja also has a lot of history and is rich in culture which has always been preserved until now. . When discussing about Yogyakarta, you certainly will not be left behind by one of the historical attractions in Jogja, namely Prambanan Temple, the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia with the pattern of Hinduism. Prambanan Temple has a height of 47 meters and is higher than Borobudur Temple which only has 42 meters high and is located east of Yogyakarta, but many say that Prambanan Temple is located in 2 regions namely Yogyakarta and Central Java. If you are on vacation to Yogyakarta, it is better to stop by the Prambanan temple because you will be able to enjoy an atmosphere that you can never get anywhere else. Besides Prambanan Temple there are many more temples in Jogja because Yogyakarta City is a city of Culture, History, and Tourism.

Prambanan Temple History
Prambanan Temple is the biggest and grandest temple ever built in Ancient Java. The first construction of this Hindu temple was started by Rakai Pikatan as a rival to the Borobudur temple and also Sewu Temple which is located not far from Prambanan Temple. There are some historians who estimate that the construction of the Hindu Temple was to mark the government of the Sanjaya family in Java. This is related to theories about twin dynasties of different and competing beliefs between religions; Namely the Hindu Sanjaya dynasty while the Sailendra Dynasty is Buddhist

Then the Prambanan Temple complex was still being built regularly by the kings of the Medang Mataram kingdom, namely the Daksa and Tulodong kings and expanded by building hundreds of additional temples around the main temple. Because the large and luxurious Prambanan temple is the Great Temple of the Mataram Kingdom as a place for various royal ceremonies. At the height of its glory, historians estimate that hundreds of Brahmin priests and their students gathered and occupied areas outside the temple to study the Vedas and perform various rituals and perform Hindu ceremonies. While the center of the kingdom or the Royal Palace of Mataram is estimated to be in a place not far from the Prambanan temple on the Sewu Plain.


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The location of Prambanan temple is located in Sleman, Prambanan sub-district, DI Yogyakarta and Prambanan sub-district, Klaten, Central Java. approximately 17 kilometers northeast of Yogyakarta and 50 kilometers southwest of Surakarta and 120 kilometers south of Semarang. The location of Prambanan temple is right on the border between the province of Central Java and the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

Behind the historical and cultural story of Prambanan Temple also has many tours that can attract the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. Especially during the holiday season, Prambanan Temple seems to be a must destination if you are traveling in Jogja. In Prambanan Temple there are various shows that are no less popular, namely Ramayana Ballet which is a performance by combining dance and drama without dialogue. Prambanan Ramayana Ballet has often been done long ago, namely in 1961.


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The price of admission to the Prambanan Temple is very affordable because it is not too expensive and you can immediately enjoy the tour that is inside the Prambanan Temple. To buy a ticket you only spend IDR 40,000. for adults whereas for children you only need to spend 10,000. And there are many facilities at Prambanan Temple, one of which is a restaurant, a large parking area, toilets, guides, golf carts, souvenir shops, mosques, gazebos, photo booths, and many others. If you are on vacation with your family , it's better to use the Gazebo as a place to gather and do activities with a relaxed atmosphere with the family.

Thus the understanding of History and Culture in Prambanan Temple, entrance tickets and location to Prambanan Temple, may be useful for those of you who want to enjoy a vacation in Jogja. If you want to know about tourism in Jogja, please read the article on the JOGYATRIP.COM website which offers a variety of tours in Jogja with complete facilities using the services of a tour driver jogja can be more satisfied visiting several places in one day trip.

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