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Candi Ijo Jogyakarta
Jogja Trip Travel with Mr. Yono This time I will show you about the history of the Ijo Temple, which is located in this special city of Yogyakarta. There is a lot of history in Jogja, one of which is the Ijo Temple. Ijo Temple is a Hindu-style temple and is located 4 kilometers to the southeast of Ratu Boko Temple or 18 kilometers to the east of the city of Yogyakarta. This temple was built between the 10th century until the 11th century AD during the Medang Kingdom era in the Mataram period. In addition to providing beauty about the Ijo Temple and its history, visitors and tourists can also enjoy the cuisine available at the Ijo temple restaurant and many tourists who visit this temple to see the sunset from the courtyard of the Ijo Temple.

Ijo Temple is located in Groyokan Hamlet, Sambirejo Village, Prambanan District, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta. This temple is located right on the western slope of the hill which is still from the Batur Agung hill and below the slope there is tourism, namely the Breksi Jogja cliff which is a former natural stone mining, its location is located on a hillside with an average height of 425 meters above sea level. This temple is called "Ijo" because of its presence on a hill which is often called Gumuk Ijo. The temple complex is open to the west with views of rice fields and beautiful views, such as Adisucipto Airport and Parangtritis beach.


Jogja trip travel, candi Ijo Jogyakarta, Bangunan candi Ijo Jogja, Harga tiket Candi Ijo, Jogja tour driver, Jogja tripadvisor
Candi Ijo Jogyakarta
Location of Ijo temple building There are three niches on each side with various carvings on the wall. The Ijo Temple Complex was built on a ridge called Gumuk or Bukit Ijo and this name has been called since the Poh Inscription dating from 906 AD in Old Javanese. There are three temple complexes namely the temple complex, the main temple complex, and the main temple

Temple Complex
This temple complex is a terrace with the lower part on the west side and the highest part is on the east side which follows the contour of the hill. Then in the west there are many ruins of temple buildings which are currently still in the process of excavation and have not been repaired. However, there was one temple that was repaired in 2013, the Perwara temple which is a small worship temple.

Jogja trip travel, candi Ijo Jogyakarta, lokasi candi Ijo Jogja, Jogja tour driver, Jogja tripadvisor
Candi Ijo Jogyakarta

The main temple complex which is located in the east which is the highest terrace in the Ijo temple, in this section there is the main temple, the clamp temple, and also the Perwara temple. In front of the Ijo Temple there are three temples that are lined up and are smaller in size and this building is believed to worship Trimurti namely Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. These three small temples have spaces in them and there are rhombic windows on the walls. the officers' temple is right in the middle to protect the Nandini Cow Statue which is the Soul God Vehicle.

The main temple building stands at the foot of the temple which has a rectangular base. The entrance to the inner chamber of the temple is located in the middle of the west side wall and flanked by two fake windows, hollow window niches without holes in the inner room. On the north, east and south sides of each wall there are three niches which are decorated with makara carvings. For the middle niche is higher than the two niches flanking it. However, the niche is now empty, because it is estimated that in this niche the statue has been installed.


So about the Ijo Temple For those of you who want to know the history and culture in the city of Yogyakarta with me, Your guide tour Jogja Mr. Yono will take you around on a tour in Yogyakarta.

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