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Jogja trip travel to Kotagede is a historical tourism destination in which the city has a trace of the Islamic Mataram kingdom which eventually split into 2 Kingdom Sections. 

Before 1952 this area was part of the Surakarta Sunanate (an enclave)

Initially, Kotagede was the name of a city that was the capital of the Sultanate of Mataram. Subsequently the kingdom was split into the Surakarta Empire and the Yogyakarta Sultanate.

Split region
The Kotagede sub-district area was partly part of the former Kotagede City added with the surrounding area. While other parts of the former City of Kotagede are in the District of Banguntapan, Bantul Regency.

Such conditions sometimes make it difficult to build Kotagede in the context of a former city where the community has sociological and anthropological unity. Until now the people of the former City of Kotagede in their daily social activities are still very solid in that unity.


Difficulties in development by the government arise when the handling is carried out by government stakeholders at the level of Yogyakarta City and Bantul Regency. The Government of the City of Yogyakarta is only able to touch the area of ​​the former City of Kotagede which belongs to the City of Yogyakarta. Likewise, the Bantul Regency Government can only touch areas that are included in Bantul Regency.

The solidity of the community embodies an inseparable territorial unity as in the past the boundaries of Kotagede City still exist. The area of ​​the former City of Kotagede must be handled by two different Government units. In the context of regional autonomy today, when the authority of district and city level is relatively large, it is increasingly felt how they have to face 2 (two) different policies for one regional unit. One example of a problem that can immediately be seen or felt by the community is when it comes to handling heritage areas. The Government of Yogyakarta City and Bantul Regency have different priorities. So the people of Kotagede must or more often interact with the Provincial Government of the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

Kotagede Map

As the old city of the former capital of the kingdom, Kotagede City is a heritage city that has great potential for the prosperity of its people. However, obstacles to the division of government will continue to be a problem that has never been discussed in the level of political will, unless the people want it. 


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1. Pasarean Mataram Tomb Complex and Mataram Great Mosque.

One of the gates in the tomb complex of the kings in Kotagede.
The traditional atmosphere is still very much felt in this city, for example, seen in the Great Mosque complex of Mataram that still feels like in the palace environment, complete with a stone fence surrounding the mosque, a large courtyard with several sapodilla trees, and a large drum.

Also in Kotagede there is also the tomb of the kings of Mataram named Pasarean Mataram complex where there are, among others, the tomb of Panembahan Senopati. But then the tomb complex of the kings of Mataram was subsequently moved to the Imogiri area by Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo during his reign.

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2. Gembira Loka Botanical Gardens and Zoos.
Main article: Gembira Loka Zoo.

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3. Silver Road Packaging Center Central Area.
This area is known for its silver handicrafts which are located along the Packaging Road until the ex-Cinema Palace junction.

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4. Legi Market.
Out of the King's Tomb Complex, visitors will be greeted by the excitement of the Kotagede Market which is always crowded every day. But there is another atmosphere when coming to the Kotagede Market when the Javanese calendar shows the Legi market day. Kotagede Market will be crowded and crowded by both sellers and buyers, even the market area can increase up to the front of the ABA Post Office / TK. Therefore, by most residents of Kotagede, this market is better known as Pasar Legi. Kipo and yangko are Kotagede special foods that can be obtained at Legi Market and its surroundings.  ( Sumber : Wikipedia )

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