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Tamansari Jogyakarta
Tamansari Jogyakarta : is any interesting place that you can see there?. Tamansari Ngayogyakarta) is the site of a former palace garden or palace of the Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace, which functions as a palace garden.This garden was built during the time of Sultan Hamengku Buwono I (HB I) in 1758-1765 / 9. Initially, the park which got the title "The Fragrant Garden" has an area of ​​more than 10 hectares with around 57 buildings in the form of buildings, bathing pools, suspension bridges, water canals, as well as artificial lakes and artificial islands and underwater passageways. The garden, which was used effectively between 1765-1812, initially stretched from the southwest of the Kedhaton complex to the southeast of the M Merchant complex. But at this time, the only remnants of Taman Sari that can be seen are in the southwest of the Kedhaton complex.

wisata taman sari, tempat pemandian keraton jogyakarta
Pemandian Keraton Tamansari
That said, Taman Sari was built in the former palace of the old, Pesanggrahan Garjitawati, which was established by Susuhunan Paku Buwono II as a place to rest horse carriage that will go to Imogiri. As the leader of the Taman Sari development project, Tumenggung Mangundipuro was appointed. All development costs will be borne by the Regent of Madiun, Tumenggung Prawirosentiko, along with all his people. Therefore the Madiun area is exempt from taxation. In the midst of the development the project leader was taken over by Prince Notokusumo, after Mangundipuro resigned. Although officially as a royal garden, some buildings indicate that Taman Sari functions as the last bastion if the palace is attacked by enemies. It is said that one of the architects of this royal garden was a Portuguese better known as Demang Tegis.

Taman Sari Complex can be divided into at least 4 parts. The first part is an artificial lake located to the west. The next part is the building located in the south of the artificial lake, including the Umbul Binangun Bath. The third part is Pasarean Ledok Sari and Garjitawati Pond which is located south of the second part. The last part is the eastern part of the first and second parts and extends eastward to the southeast of the Magangan complex.

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