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Yogyakarta driver hires to Tembelan Cliff with me Yono will take you to tourist attractions in Yogyakarta. Maybe you are already familiar with the Yogyakarta Special City which is famous for its art, culture, tourism, and history. One of the tourist destinations in Jogja is the Tembelan Gorge precisely in Bantul Regency which is currently very crowded with tourists both local and foreign. Yogyakarta is indeed quite successful in utilizing beautiful nature as a place for recreation for tourists who are going on vacation and success in managing the tourist area so that it can help to improve the economy of the local community.

The scenery in this tourist area is indeed very similar to the scenery in Puncak Mangunan because of its close location. You can see the beauty of Tembelan Gorge from Gardu Pandang which is one of the facilities in Tembelan Gorge Tour that has been provided by the manager of Tembelan Gorge and in Gardu Pandang visitors can take pictures with the background view of green and beautiful trees. The purpose of building these photo spots is so that visitors can enjoy a more memorable vacation and at this time the favorite photo spots for visitors are the Giant Boat-shaped spot and this place has raised the name of the Tembelan Cliff to be known by many people until now and this Giant Boat photo spot is jutting into the mouth of a cliff.

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There are also facilities for taking pictures in the form of airplanes. For those who take pictures in the Airplane spot, it makes the visitors feel like they are flying, this is because the position of the plane is located on the edge of the cliff so that when photographed from behind, visitors seem to fly by plane.

For all these photo spots it is still relatively new because the management of these attractions has not been too long. For those of you who like to take pictures in the Tembelan Gorge, there are also some selfies that can be used by visitors to take photos that you might not get in other tourist spots and if you take pictures in places that have been provided, you are not charged the only fee alone is charged sincerely. For those who want to enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise, you can camp in the Tembelan Cliff Tourism Area because the tour managers have provided an area for camping.

at this time the facilities in Tembelan Gorge tour are fairly complete because the manager has improved and continues to complete the existing facilities at Tembelan Gorge. There is a seat built by the manager so that visitors can relax and enjoy the breeze directly from the Tembelan Gorge. Then if you feel lazy and thirsty, you don't need to worry because there are already stalls that provide a variety of food and drinks.



For Jogja tourism location, Tambelan Gorge is not too far from the Mangunan fruit garden, which is precisely located in Kanigoro Hamlet, Mangunan Village, Dlingo District, Bantul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. If you are from the city center the distance is approximately about 22 kilometers and can be reached by land with a time of approximately 1.5 hours. For the best route you can choose from the direction of the Giwangan terminal then please go straight to Jalan Imogiri Timur, continue straight until Imogiri Market and this market is on the west road. You can take the left lane then follow the direction to the tomb of King Imogiri after reaching the T-junction You can take the direction to the Mangunan Fruit Garden and Pine Forest. Then when you get there, you will see a blackboard that will direct you to the Tembelan Gorge.

For those who want to Yogyakarta car driver hire can directly contact the WhatsApp number that is already available under this article because there are many drivers for hire Yogyakarta that can take you to tourist attractions in Yogyakarta.


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The entrance ticket price of Tembelan Gorge is indeed still very cheap because this tour can still be considered in the process of development and you who want to enjoy a vacation in Tembelan Gorge will only be charged an entrance fee of Rp. 2,500 but this is not included with the parking fee. Parking fees vary depending on the type of vehicle, if you use a 2-wheeled vehicle it will cost Rp 2,000 and if you use a 4-wheeled vehicle it will cost you Rp. 5,000 only. You can also take a vacation at any time because this Tembelan Gorge tour is open every day for 24 hours.

As we explained above that the facilities at Tembelan Cliff are now very complete so you will be more comfortable being at Tembelan Cliff. You can also look forward to sunrise with breakfast and enjoy a cup of warm coffee in the morning because there is a shop that provides all your needs there so you do not need to bring yourself from home. And we suggest a bit if you want to go to Tembelan cliff Jogja tour, so as to ensure that the performance of the vehicle is quite Fit because considering the road conditions you are going to be quite challenging and steep, besides that adequate driving skills are needed especially when the rainy season arrives will be increasingly difficult if not familiar with the way. Although this tourist area is still relatively new, there are quite a lot of facilities that you can use there such as substation view, Gazebo, prayer room, food stalls, camping area, bathroom and there are still many other facilities.

Thus the explanation about Yogyakarta Driver hire hopefully can help you go to the tourist places that you want and hire driver in Yogyakarta with a fairly affordable price so that you can enjoy your vacation and it will be a memorable vacation for you.
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