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Yogyakarta private driver is a Yogyakarta tour package that is packaged into an adventure tour down the beauty of Pindul Cave. Yogyakarta cheap private driver prices that you can take which is one of the Jogja Trip travel packages that are provided specifically for your vacation. In addition to the pindul cave tubing, we also in list of Yogyakarta to Borobudur private drivers in one package. Hiring a private driver in Yogyakarta call me Yono is ready to take you to the interesting places thats what you want. Drive Car comfortably and always be ready to help you get to the beautiful places of fun tour with low cost private drivers.

Jogja Tour Packages

Jogja is not only rich in historical buildings such as Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta Palace, Vrederburg Fortress, and others. Jogja is also not only decorated with beaches and charming natural scenery such as Parangtritis Beach, Baron Beach, Kukup Beach, Indrayanti Beach, Pok Tunggal Beach, Sri Gethuk Waterfall, Kalibiru Tourism Village and others. But Joga also has a number of special adventure tours to Pindul Cave, which from time to time demand is increasing, such as shopping tours in Malioboro, rafting tours on the Elo River and Cave Tubing tours in Kalisuci Cave, Glatik Cave and Pindul Cave.

The term Pindul cave tour in the world of tourism is still relatively new, because what was previously there is a tour down the cave and rafting tours. The two types of tourism were made into one Cave Tubing tour, and the first to introduce this one type of tourism is the Jogja people through Cave Tubing in Kalisuci Cave. Before finally extending to several other places, starting from those in the area around Gunung Kidul such as Cave Tubing, Glatik Cave and Goa Pindul to overseas. 

Among several Cave Tubing tours in the DIY region, Goa Pindul is its most pavorite, because even though this one tourist attraction is still relatively new, it is never empty of visitors. Especially during the holiday season, the queue of visitors who want to go down the cave can be up to thousands of people, to meet the river in front of the cave entrance and quite disturbing scenery. There are many reasons that make Goa Pindul more crowded than similar tours in other places. But the main reason is the atmosphere inside the exotic cave decorated with stone walls with attractive shapes and stalactites and stalagmites that spoil the eye. Even one of the stalactites that is right in the middle of the cave, is recorded as the 4th largest stalactite in the world. The flow of water in the 350 meter long cave is also very calm with varied depths ranging from the shallower to 12 meters deep. With the calm flow of the river, making cave tour in this place is relatively safe, even for women, children or those who cannot swim. Because during the trip they are equipped with buoys and guided by a professional guide or operator and are well aware of the location of Goa Pindul. 

History of Goa Pindul

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Although Cave gua Pindul is an ancient cave that has thousands of years of age, there is no historical evidence that explains the existence of this cave, so the origins and various phenomena associated with Pindul Cave have never been revealed and are still a mystery to this day. It's just that long ago the local community believed that this cave was a sacred area even though it was not used as a place of worship. The origin of the name Pindul Goa is based on a legend that is spoken from mouth to mouth, derived from the journey of Ki Ageng Pamanahan and Ki Mertani who was instructed by Panembahan Senopati Mataram to kill the baby's life which is actually his own grandchild. However, the two men agreed not to kill the baby and take him away to Gunung Kidul. While traveling, the baby cried unceasingly, so both of them stopped their steps and intended to bathe the baby. 

Because there was not a single spring near them, Ki Mertani took the baby up the hill and stomped hard on the top of the hill. Thanks to its magic, the hard-trodden ground collapsed, creating a large hole that held it with a spring that flowed beneath it. The hole is now called Goa Pindul. Ki Mertani, who was impatient, immediately bathed the baby using a water source in the hole. Because in a hurry, accidentally the baby's cheeks "bumpy" or hit a stone in the hole. Starting from the word "kebendul", this cave was called the kebulul cave which later changed its name to Goa Pindul. The story is certainly the result of imagination that cannot be justified, because when viewed from the walls and rocks in the cave, it shows that the age of Goa Pindul was thousands of years, long before the establishment of the Kingdom of Mataram. Before being made as a tourist destination, Pindul Cave was used by the local community for various activities, such as bathing, washing, fishing and so on.

The change of function of this cave began with the activities carried out by Gajah Mada University students who wanted to examine the rocks and the depth of the water. When walking down the inner cave area, one of the students was fascinated by the beauty of Goa Pindul and the idea came to mind to make this cave a tourist attraction. Finally, the research he did was also developed by examining the safety and feasibility of Pindul Cave as a tourist destination.  

After being convinced of the safety of the cave, the idea was conveyed to the local people who are members of the Pokdarwis (tourism-aware group). Finally, the citizens agreed to make Goa Piarakat and local officials. Not unexpectedly, only within a period of about one year, precisely since the beginning of 2012, Goa Pindul boomed and became the public spotlight, especially after many websites gave reviews as well as photos about the excitement of Cave Tubing activities in Goa Pindul. Like wikipedia, wikimapia, hipwee, tripadvisor and others, and videos about activities in Goa Pindul are scattered on a number of social media such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr and other social media. The extraordinary attraction of Pindul Cave made a number of parties interested in managing and investing in this one tourist spot, although in the end no one was allowed except for the local residents. So that until this moment there are only 10 managers or tour operators operating in Goa Pindul.

In addition, as Pindul Cave hits more and more, various negative issues emerge to bring down these tourist attractions, such as issues about feuds between managers, issues about the closure of Pindul Cave, to issues that Goa Pindul is haunted and haunted. Of course all of these issues are not true, because until now, among the managers have built good cooperation to develop tourist attractions that are a source of their income

Pindul Cave has never been closed, and even if it is occasionally closed it is not because of conflicts between tour operators, but because in the rainy season, the water discharge in the cave is too much with strong currents, so it has to be temporarily closed to the general public in order to maintain security and their safety. The matter of Goa Pindul is haunted and haunted, the news is also a figment, because the truth is that this cave was used as a shooting location for making horror films that aired on television.

Route to Location Pindul Cave

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The address or location of Pindul Cave as stated on the map, is administratively located in Gelaran Hamlet, Bejiharjo Village, Karangmojo District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region Province, 55891. Considering its distance away from the city of Jogja, although this tourist location is quite easy to reach with good road access and has been coated in asphalt, but it is better to make a floor plan before leaving, and always activate the google map to minimize the possibility of getting lost on the trip. This is one easy way to register on Pindul cave tubing blog to take a vacation in Yogyakarta with the latest and interesting tourist attractions.

The route to get to the Goa Pindul location from the city of Jogja can be started by bringing the vehicle to the Jogja - Wonosari road by passing Bukit Bintang and continuing to follow the pivot road until arriving at Wonosari City. Arriving at Wonosari, look for the Siyono Roundabout which is a roundabout roundabout with a fountain building in the middle. At the roundabout, turn the vehicle to the left and follow the road until you see a red four-way light. From there you must take the straight road until you meet a large intersection.

Turn the vehicle to the left to get to the Bejiharjo Village area and follow the straight road until you meet the new SMP building turn left and follow the straight road to get to the tourist site of Gunung Pindul. Once you enter the Bejiharjo Village area, there will usually be a lot of young people standing on the side of the road and ready to take you to the tourist sites of Goa Pindul. You do not need to provide compensation for the services they provide, because these young people are indeed employed and paid by the Management Pindul Cave to help tourists. The purpose of the tour manager is to employ these young people so that they do not ask for wages arbitrarily to visitors who are escorted, in order to maintain the image of Goa Pindul tourism. Arriving in the tourist area you can choose one of several operators who are there to accompany you to explore Goa Pindul. 


Goa pindul cave location: Dusun Gelaran, Desa Bejiharjo, Kecamatan Karangmojo, Kabupaten Gunung Kidul, Provinsi Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, 55891.

Pindul cave entrance fee or Pindul cave tubing price

1. Retribution Ticket = Rp.10,000 Per Person
2. Goa Pindul Cave Tubing Package = Rp. 40,000 Per Person
3. Package of Wren Cave Goa = Rp.30,000 Per Person
4. New Goa Susur Package = Rp.35,000 Per Person
5. Oyo River Tubing Package = Rp.50,000 Per Person 

Has several adventure tour packages including: Goa Pindul Cave Tubing Package at a cost of Rp.50,000, Glatik Goa Cave Tubing Package also costs Rp.50,000 and the Oyo River River Tubing Package at a cost of Rp.50,000. The fee includes transportation, life vest, waistband, cave tracking, guide and insurance.

Attractiveness Pindul Cave

The journey through the goa Pindul cave tubing which takes about 45 minutes begins with a walk from the camp to the river which is the starting point before entering the cave entrance. Here, Cave Tubing participants will receive a briefing as well as training from a tour guide or operator about what participants should not do while on a trip so that they avoid unwanted things. Among some restrictions, carrying cellphones and cameras is not included. The operator even provided a clear plastic bag to wrap the cellphone or camera so that it could capture every moment during the trip and the cellphone / camera remained in a safe condition not to be exposed to water.

Pindul Cave has a length of approximately 350 meters, a width of up to 5 meters, water depth of 5-12 meters and the distance between the roof of the cave with the water surface up to 4 meters. This cave is divided into 3 zones, namely the bright, dim and eternal dark zones. The first time to be explored is a bright zone near the entrance of the cave. Because the sun's light can still illuminate every corner of the cave, making the beauty of the walls of the cave can still be clearly caught by the eye like a stalactite that hangs on the ceiling of the cave, beautiful natural ornamentation and hanging bats.

The majority of stalactites in the cave are still active and continue to experience growth, so it is advisable not to hold or damage the existing stalactites, because to be able to grow 1 cm only takes a very long time. 

In the second zone, visitors will enter the dim zone with very little light so that the view inside the cave looks faint if it is not highlighted using a lamp carried by a guide. This zone is used for swallow livestock, so there is a section above the cave decorated with houses. In addition, the number of stalactites and stalagmites that are here is more than the previous zone with a form that is also more varied.

Pindul cave video ( GOA PINDUL YOGYAKARTA )

In the next zone, visitors will be taken to a dark, dark alley without a single ray of light breaking through the cave wall. In this third zone, usually the guide will turn off the lights and ask all caving participants not to make the lighting before proceeding with a moment of silence to be thankful for all the blessings of God, especially delights in the form of eyes so that they can see the beauty and majesty of all God's creatures. After a moment of silence, the journey continues to the cave exit. During the journey through the cave, various kinds of interesting information were conveyed by the tour operators to the caving participants to explain every detail of the place traversed.

Some of these information include the presence of stalactites which look like male genitals and are called "male stalactites". It is said that if male visitors touch the stalactite will be able to increase virility. There are also "nipple stalactites" that can add to the beauty of female visitors who hold them, "stalactites gongs" that can make sounds like gongs when hit, "curtain stalactites" that have a shape like a mosquito net, and stalactites "soko Guru" which have the largest size and in the middle of the cave so that it seems to be a pillar supporting the cave.

Before passing the Pindul Cave exit, the tour operator will usually invite the caving participants to rest for a moment to enjoy the beauty of "Njomplang Cave", which is the mouth of the cave found in the ceiling of Goa Pindul. Here visitors are given the freedom to play by plunging themselves into the water or having fun using the cave as a background photo. Once leaving the cave exit, visitors will be in a river flow. Here they can take a bath and swim to their heart's content or jump from the height of the cliff on the river's edge. Once satisfied, you can end the adventure by climbing up the dam using a rope. Although the journey through Goa Pindul only takes less than an hour, but exciting experiences during the trip, will be a lasting memory that will never be forgotten.

Thus our vacation to the pindul cave completes Yogjakarta tour packages in addition to historic tourist attractions and adventure tours in some exotic caves and beaches in the city of Yogyakarta. Aside from that, I as a tour guide in Yogyakarta will also introduce some regional specialties, especially in the culinary  of Yogyakarta.

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