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Pinus Mangunan Yogyakarta
Jogja tour driver to Pinus Mangunan with me Pak Yono who will take you around to tourist attractions in the city of Yogyakarta, one of the tours that I will tell you about is the Pine Forest Mangunan which is a tour with exotic nuances that will make visitors feel natural and beautiful nuances and many pine trees that flourish along the forest.

Pinus Mangunan Forest is a natural tourist destination in the Bantul area which is currently used as a tourist destination that is much sought after and visited by everyone because it has a very beautiful natural atmosphere and the air is obtained very naturally from pine trees. Mangunan pine forest has an area of ​​up to 500 hectares and there are many pine trees that grow large and tall. Mangunan pine forest is often known as Imogori Pine Forest because the forest is very close to the Tomb of the Imogiri Kings. In addition it should be noted that this pine forest is managed by the Mangunan RPH.

Pine Mangunan Forest Video

the story about pine Mangunan

Before the Pine Forest Mangunan was known by everyone and made a tourist attraction, this forest was barren and arid. Because they saw the barren area of ​​the community and the surrounding government began to manage and conserve the barren forests, by reforesting by planting several types of trees, one of which is pine, acacia, mahogany and many other tree species that have been planted in the area. Then with the passage of time after reforestation, the forest finally produces and becomes a protected forest. Aside from being a protected forest, this area is also used as a popular tourist attraction in Yogyakarta. Until now, many supporting facilities have been built such as toilets, substations, mosques, and there is a neatly arranged wooden platform and chairs and to provide comfort for visitors who are enjoying a holiday.

After sitting in a wooden chair and enjoying the beauty in the Pine Forest Mangunan, you can also ride the viewing post that has been built by the manager of the Pine Mangunan Forest. When you climb the viewing post will be given a view that will not make you disappointed because you can see the shade of trees that are still green and you can also see the beautiful hill from the substation.
Location Pine Mangunan 

Not far from the Pine Forest Mangunan there is a place that is currently also visited by tourists, the Bengkung spring, according to stories from the community around the spring which is referred to as the Sultan Agung Hanyakrakusuma hermitage. Bengkung spring was built during the Dutch administration around 1925-1930 and to get to this source there are several paths you can take, such as trekking from a parking lot through dense forest and continuing to follow the Watu Abang exit.


Jogja trip travel, Hutan Pinus Mangunan Jogyakarta, lokasi Pinus Mangunan Jogja, Jogja tour driver, Jogja tripadvisor
Pinus Mangunan Yogyakarta
To go to the location of the Pine Forest Mangunan You do not need to worry because there are very clear instructions and the road to pine Mangunan now is very good because the road has been paved so that it can be passed by using a vehicle. The complete address for Pinus Mangunan Forest is located in Sukorame, Mangunan, Bantul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. The distance from the center of Jogja to the Pinus Mangunan forest is not so far which is around 21.3 Kilometers if you pass Jl. Imogiri Barat and if you use a two-wheeled vehicle from downtown Jogja to the Pinus Mangunan Forest about 50 minutes.


Jogja trip travel, Hutan Pinus Mangunan Jogyakarta, Harga tiket  masuk Pinus Mangunan, Jogja tour driver, Jogja tripadvisor
Pinus Mangunan Yogyakarta
The price of admission to the Pine Forest Mangunan at this time is still very affordable, tourists are only charged Rp. 2,500 / person. But that does not include parking fees and for each vehicle, the price is different, for two-wheeled vehicles a fee of Rp. 3000, for 4-wheeled vehicles Rp. 5,000 and for bus vehicles, you will be charged more expensive, Rp. 10,000 If you want to do a pre-wedding photo, the fee is Rp. 50,000

In addition to ticket prices and the beauty tour in Pine Forest Mangunan, there are also various facilities that you can enjoy and feel when you are in the Pine Forest Mangunan. One of the facilities contained in the Pine Forest Mangunan is as follows.
  • Area outbound
  • Toilet / bathroom
  • Substation of view
  • Mosque
  • Large parking area
  • Food stalls and small drinks

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